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s.  Our customized implementation for each department and state of the art processing center allows us to provide outstanding services to clients across the nation.

To find out more about the possibilities of billing for fire response, give us a call or fill out our information request form for more details.  We look forward to the opportunity to discuss the potential that

Emergency Response or Fire Billing

 can provide to your department.
FDDataLink SM
FDDataLinkSM is Revenue-Rescue/Intermedix's proprietary solution to the problems of data collection. The value of any expense recovery effort is diminished when your agency has to devote significant additional resources to collecting and processing billing data. Our system, when appropriately authorized, can connect to many of the most popular fire reporting software packages, collect appropriate data and transform it into a format appropriate for billing. All this is done with just the push of a button. No more faxing in run forms, filling out duplicate paperwork or errors associated with multiple entries of the same data. Please give us a call today to find our more on how this system can benefit you.
Department Survey Results:
Survey QuestionsTypical Answers
Negative feedback from Public regarding billing?INSIGNIFICANT
Additional paperwork required to bill for services?INSIGNIFICANT
RR has collected compared to your previous billing service?A WHOLE LOT MORE
Overall satisfaction compared to previous billing service?LIKE NIGHT AND DAY
Adherence to your Dept. billing policy guidelines?OUTSTANDING
RR accounting, reporting and audit compliance?EXCELLENT
Value of Internet claims submission and daily account reports?MUST HAVE
RR responsiveness to your calls, questions and concerns?OUTSTANDING
Have we exceeded your overall expectations?YES
Would you recommend Revenue Rescue to other departments?YES
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Revenue Rescue Inc. is part of Intermedix Corporation which brings a the full range of services to help fund and support our nation's emergency safety net - emergency physicians, hospital emergency departments, and 911-emergency responders. We engineer advanced technologies into our business processes to meet incident documentation requirements, realize revenue potential, and provide advanced informatics to our clients. Our solutions are designed for performance and compliance, allowing our clients to focus on saving lives and promoting healthy recoveries from accidents and illnesses. Our people are foremost industry experts committed to integrity and client satisfaction.

ADPI for EMS Billing EPBS for Physician and ED Billing

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